Q: When will TexLege have updates for the 82nd session?

A: Right Now!  As in, go get it already!  I am deeply sorry this update was delayed.  As a number of TexLege reviewers on the App Store have noted, I should have released this sooner.  The delay was primarily due to the fact that it took a great deal of time to accumulate information on the new legislators.  I still have SOME incomplete information, given that many of the new members don’t have district offices, or haven’t released information on their staffers, but TexLege 2.4 gives you all the information I could get my hands on (with a lot of help from Capitol folks too).  We lack details on the House committees at this point (still waiting on word from the Speaker’s office). But aside from that stuff, go get your (forever) free update.

Some new additions and changes:

  • Photos and contact information for all members of the 82nd legislature.
  • More comprehensive staffer listing (not 100% accurate yet, please send corrections if you know of any).
  • Now includes each legislator’s reelection date / term expiration.
  • Simple data updates now arrive over the Internet, without necessitating an update of the entire application at the App Store.  This should greatly speed up my ability to deliver minor updates for legislators and/or committees.
  • Initially, it only has Senate committees.  Once the Speaker announces House committee assignments, I’ll push another data update.
  • Twitter feeds now open in the official Twitter application, if available on your device.  Otherwise, they open in the built-in web browser as before.
  • I’m still tracking down a graphical bug in the Committee Meetings calendar.  At the very least, you should be able to access meeting information (if you’ve experienced problems in the past).  I will likely revisit and rewrite the calendar utility for the next TexLege update.
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2 Responses to Q: When will TexLege have updates for the 82nd session?

  1. Chuck says:

    Love this app. When are house committees going to be entered? Too, it keeps crashing on me when I try to look at hearings/meetings. Thanks.

  2. Greg says:

    House committees should be available now with the heretofore unproven interim data update. “It works for me”, but I’m still waiting on word from folks like yourself to say whether or not the data download function is actually working properly.

    The committee meetings crash keeps coming back, doesn’t it? I’ve got this one fixed, (along with house committees, and the map for district 83) in the forthcoming TexLege 2.4.3 … It’s currently waiting for the App Store reviewers to approve it, so we should see a release to the public within a few days.

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