Dropping Support for Pre-4.0 iOS Versions


Unfortunately, the forthcoming TexLege 2.5 update will drop support for some older iOS versions (anything before 4.0). If your iOS device hasn’t been upgraded to iOS 4.0 or greater (4.3 is out now), please consider doing so in order to continue using TexLege.

Upgrading your device with a newer operating system is as easy as plugging it in your computer and starting iTunes. However, if you have any questions or concerns about this upgrade process I’m happy to help. Moreover, if you have questions or concerns about TexLege dropping support for older operating system versions, please contact me, I’m happy to discuss it.

I absolutely apologize, however it has become increasingly difficult to maintain compatibility with the older OS versions while adding new features and improving the stability of the TexLege application. Frankly, iOS 4.2 added so many new features to iPads and iPhones that I don’t know of any reason why you wouldn’t want to upgrade.

Of all the users who have graciously opted-in and permitted  analytics data collection  in TexLege, twenty-three will be adversely affected by this decision.  To illustrate this, I’ve attached a table of TexLege users’ iOS versions for the past 30 days.

OS Version Users % of total
4.2.1 177 70%
4.3 31 12%
3.2 12 5%
3.2.2 10 4%
4.1 10 4%
4.2.6 8 3%
4.0.1 3 1%
3.2.1 1 < 1%
4.0.2 1 < 1%
Total 253


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