TexLege – Chock full of legislative goodness.

TexLege Development pending brain cancer

Greg Combs has brain cancer and is fully committed to kicking it’s ass. As a necessary side-effect, further development and updates to the TexLege iOS app are on indefinite hold.

I wish I had better news to give all the many loyal users of TexLege. Moreover, the other alternative for state legislative tracking Open States (also initially coded by Greg) has been removed from the iOS App Store due to lack of maintenance resources at the Sunlight Foundation.

All around, it’s pretty bleak and slim pickings for Texas state legislators, staffers, lobbyists, activists, and interested community members that want legislature tracking on their mobile devices.

I’d love to fix up TexLege (and Open States for that matter) but between the recent craniotomy, upcoming radiation, and likely chemotherapy I have my plate pretty full of important cancer killing stuff. That, plus I absolutely need to hold down my day job of iOS development at Oracle, America. I simply cannot devote the necessary time to these apps while I’m undergoing heavy treatment for brain cancer. Once this tumor is dead and gone, I’ll happily light the proverbial ignition on TexLege (and Open States?) updates again and send them off to Apple, bound for your pocket devices.

The Story So Far …

If you are unfamiliar with TexLege, it’s more than a mere member and committee directory of the Texas Legislature. TexLege 1.0 introduced basic partisanship scales for legislative voting histories, it provided building maps to help locate offices within the Texas Capitol building, and gave a list of resourceful websites for those interested in legislative affairs. TexLege 1.0 hit the iPhone App Store in the summer of 2009.  Yet, Texas political junkies have seen a lot of changes since then.  In light of the upcoming elections, the likelihood of another bitter redistricting battle, and a few political scandals, TexLege needs an update, pronto.

TexLege 2Screenshot of a legislator's roll call voting chart

When Apple introduced the iPad, the iPhone 4, and the latest iPod Touch, each brought a whole new sea of possibilities for TexLege. After undergoing active and heavy development for several months, TexLege 2 has everything it’s predecessor had, and a lot more too!  You can grab the new TexLege at the App Store. If you already have it and you want more information, or if you’re still debating whether or not to get it, visit the links below, or the menu above for more details, specs, and screenshots to tide you over.

4 Responses to TexLege – Chock full of legislative goodness.

  1. Chris Ladd says:

    Anything in the works for an Android OS?


    • Greg says:

      Hi Chris, at this time no. Frankly, my wife would murder me if I spent more time on the computer trying to learn Java & Android’s NDK. From what I can surmise, only a small portion of the TexLege code base is portable (the data) to Android, the interface and controllers would need to be completely rewritten.

      That being said, if you know any good, creative Android developers that would be interested in taking up the task to put TexLege on that platform, I’m happy work with them

  2. Jim fletcher says:

    Cool APP! What do you use for patrician rating on the Legislators tab? They seem right on but interested in if weighting is more voting, patrician polls, etc.

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